If you have good health that is free from diseases, you can do whatever you want. Better health condition is the key to well-being and happiness. It affects a man’s economic condition and progress as well. One of the very important aspects to lead a healthy life is physical exercises. Physical activities, if connected with good nutrition, become an awesome combination to have a healthy and happy life. Good nutritious diet along with physical exercises or yoga help in maintaining weight and achieving peace of mind.

If a man is healthy, he will be more productive and it doesn’t take much to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Just an hour of your day and you will be fit and fine. Make it a habit of doing any of the physical activities or exercises daily. Whenever you are free, in the morning or evening, before or after meal – preferably an hour of empty stomach, you can practice yoga. You can do pranayama, stretches or aerobics, whichever you feel is fun for you. Yoga alone can be performed in various forms.

Pranayama: Some people love to do pranayama in the morning. It is good to do exercises and stretches early in the morning as the fresh air and peace in the morning helps in improving memory. When a person breathes in fresh air, all the toxins of the body are released, thereby purifying the whole system. Pranayama focuses on purifying our body through breathing mechanism and provides flexibility to the body. Several pranayamas of yoga are designed in such a way to help cure serious diseases.

Sun Salutations: One of the best forms of yoga is sun salutation! It is one of the best exercises one can ever do. It has 12 cycles and each cycle has several steps with alternate breathe in and breathe out. If a person can make sun salutation a part of his life, he can never get sick. The body is stretched from all parts and made fit. This is equally beneficial for men and women.

If your body is maintained and don’t have extra calories, you are healthy. To be healthy and fit, apart from yoga and pranayama, people can also practice dance, aerobics or go for swimming or gym. Swimming is also very good to get the body in shape. For those who love dancing, aerobics is the best exercise. One new form of musical exercise is Zumba dance. Zumba dance is very much in air these days. It is a kind of free style dance to cut carbs. Whatever is the name and style of physical activity, the main aim is to shed extra fats from the body and keep your heart healthy.

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